Salazar’s crew

For anyone who is new to the POTC 5 fandom, and even to those who are in the  fandom but don’t already know:

You may have come across some of us talking about “Officer Nico” (who is also known as “Officer Cortez”) and Officer Chris (Cris). These are not official names given to the characters, instead, they were named after the actors who played them, by the fans (Officer Nico/Cortez = Nico Cortez + Officer Chris/Cris = Chris Adams)  

There are also two other Officers in Salazar’s crew that no one has yet given names to, so let’s do that, shall we? 

This is Officer Akshay (Akshay Caplash) 


And this is Officer Mahesh (Mahesh Jadu)


We also have Officer Rafael (Rafael Torrijos) who is better known as just “Floating Hat” XD