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Solar System Artwork by Ross Berens.

I love Mercury, it’s my birth (ruling) planet. 

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She’s beautiful!😘😍

Technically it’s a male. Female peacocks don’t have the fan-tail

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Reblog this if Ben is a hoe



Beckett likes to stand on top of Beast’s head when he can. He loves the height.

He picks fruit from more than 20ft off the ground.

“Tall!” He says with a triumphant smile.

He surveys the Sanctuary grounds, able to see clear across to the other side.


Beast walks beneath a big branch and he’s knocked off, falling facefirst into the mud.

*Beckett lands in mud* 

Beast:   SMALL!! 



Yesterday the Fed Ex guy drove up to me while I was out patrolling, and he asked me if I could deliver a small package for him. 

I told him I wasn’t authorized, because saying “I’m not doing your fucking job for you” would have been frowned upon. Who’s driving the Fed Ex truck? Who’s making deliveries? You are, buddy.

Lol, nah, what you should have done is said “Yeah, sure!” Before taking the package, punching him in the face, stealing his keys, and driving off with his truck 😛

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#WasteOfMoney #MeanwhileChildrenInAfricaAreStarvingToDeath

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Mando treats his hair to a good wash of blood, along with special soaps once a day. That’s what makes it impossibly smooth, silky, and healthy.

Eliza accidentally stole the wrong bottle once and got quite the surprise when she poured it onto her hair. Mando doesn’t label which is blood and which is soap.

She ended up looking like Carrie 

Whats your favorite moment in Dead Men?

Whats your favorite moment in Dead Men?

I think….when the crew goes aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge &, when Lesaro is saying “hold point” this stupid pirate shoots through one of Salazar’s men & hits his friend. The soldier just turns to look at the now dead pirate in such a way that makes me wonder if it was scripted, or if the soldier is breaking character to laugh at the stupidity! I LITERALLY spent 30 min one time just replaying those couple of seconds!!